The new part of the Insurgency struck players with its realism


Новая часть Insurgency поразила игроков своей реалистичностью New trailer for the game Insurgency: Sandstorm.

New World Interactive has released a new gameplay trailer for its realistic game Insurgency: Sandstorm first-person view, which showed the main features of the game.

Players will be able to participate in large-scale battles, which will join up to 32 people. In battle, gamers will help the boom of artillery, combat helicopters, unmanned aerial drones, air strikes, and managed ground transportation. The effect of Insurgency: Sandstorm will unfold in the vast territories. In addition, the dimensions and area of each card will be configured specifically for a particular regime. The developers also said that the most important in their game will be teamwork, which will help the players to reach the goal. It is also known that will be available and the game modes with bots.


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