The new modification of the Nokia 3310


Holding HMD Global officially introduced a new version of Nokia cell phone 3310. It’s all the same from the apparatus, but now with support for cellular networks LTE.

Original phone Nokia 3310 of 2000 only worked in GSM, it is a modern version of 2017 learn how to maintain 3G, and now 4G, which this gadget is just a marketing ploy: the phone useless for high speed Internet due to the lack of the most important – great screen, which would be convenient to use the network. The only real condition is the use of LTE in the new Nokia 3310 is the reception of the signal for further distribution to the mobile Internet by Wi-Fi, but in Russia, the operators of this service costs money if you don’t know how to get around this prohibition (on the Internet there are instructions).

However, the same can be done on any smartphone, so the feasibility of purchasing the phone will be clear only to fans of the brand. Price updated Nokia 3310 is not reported, and its specifications in comparison with last year model have not changed: 320×240 points, 2.4 inches, battery 1200 mAh, microUSB port, input under earphones, Kamen 2 MP with flash, and Bluetooth 4.0. The phone has 256 or 512 MB of internal memory and a microSD slot under the card to 64 GB. Sell Nokia 3310 will be in the same colors as the model of 2017.


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