The new flagship ZTE will be called Axon 9


The company ZTЕ from China, unlike Korea’s LG, is not going to change the name of their flagship line of the Axon. Its a new smartphone to replace the popular, but already obsolete Axon 7 will be proud to wear and predictably the name of the Axon 9.

Eight in the name of the new flagship ZTE will not be exact to the unit are not common with last year’s new products from Samsung and Apple and not looked old compared to the top models of this year. The current Axon 7 is already out of production, so that the announcement of Axon 9 just around the corner, and this smartphone is already out of the box will work Android 8 Oreo. It is expected the presence of a powerful Qualcomm processor 845 or equivalent from MediaTek, if it will be presented, and its screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9 to support Quad HD resolution+, as well as the upcoming flagship of Samsung S9.

Also in Axon 9 found at least 6 GB of RAM, and from its predecessor will get great acoustics is one of the main competitive advantage of Axon 7. New Chinese phablet will be released in the second quarter of this year, almost simultaneously with the new products from LG and Samsung, but Xiaomi Mi 7, one of the main competitors Axon 9 will be released in February at MWC 2018.


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