The Ministry of economic development cut off from the economy of the greater part of oil and gas revenues


ROBBERY. The Ministry of economic development cut off from the economy of the greater part of oil and gas revenues


 Минэкономразвития за отсечение от экономики большей части нефтегазовых доходов

Robbery, in criminal law of the Russian Federation one of the crimes against property, the threat of violent forms of theft. Is an attack with the aim of theft of another’s property, connected with violence dangerous for life or health of the victim, or with threat of application of such violence.

A. Ya. Sukharev, V. E. Krutskikh, A. Ya. Sukharev. Big law dictionary.

15 Jan posted first in this year’s review of Ministry of economic development on the results of 2017. According to “Kommersant”, the economy in 2017, according to the Agency, rose 1.4% to 1.8%, and after verification of annual data on small and medium-sized companies, as well as additional information from the annual accounts of large and medium-sized enterprises will probably be set even higher GDP growth.

The successes associated with the “transition to inflation targeting” and “introduction of a budget rule” with the cut-off price of $40 per barrel in the price of 2017 (all oil and gas revenues from prices above the cut-off price is spent on the purchase of foreign currency, which accumulated in sovereign wealth funds). “Temporary fiscal rule” of the Ministry of Finance with 2018 to turn into a permanent.

Amid rising oil prices, the current fiscal rule, according to the Ministry of economic development, in 2018 will achieve a budget surplus of 1% of GDP (for the first time since 2011) and to replenish the national wealth Fund of $50 billion.

Although the Ministry noted that “the current arrangement in the long term provides the lowest volatility of all key economic indicators — inflation, growth, wages”, the short-run dynamics of GDP, it is markedly slow. “This significantly reduced possible short-term positive effect on the economy — the contribution of active growth of oil prices in the dynamics of GDP in 2017 amounted to only 0.3 p. p” say the economists Department.


Illustration: Flemish school,17th century, “Robbery on a country road”.


Expert assessment

  •  Минэкономразвития за отсечение от экономики большей части нефтегазовых доходов Valentin Katasonov


The Ministry of economic development enveloped their report optimistic oil. All this can be called “oil painting”, and called the document a “Picture economy”. But what is fundamentally important? The Ministry said about how wonderful the cut-off price of $ 40 per barrel of oil at budget rule, and orescence at the same time argue that this price cut actually makes it impossible for what the Ministry should deal with economic growth. How such a document could emerge from the bowels of this Ministry and what is the General fiscal rule in the current environment?

Here you can spend hours chewing the cud, and I’ll explain very simply how for pupils of primary school. The price of black gold is today about $ 69-70. The cut-off price — 40. At least half of these forty — is covering the costs of production and transportation. It turns out that the Russian budget receives 20 dollars, and in the American budget goes $ 30. That is, the fiscal rule is in fact the definition of a ratio: which part of export of black gold serving the Russian budget and which part serves the us budget. It turns out, the us budget gets 1.5 times more than Russian. Here’s a colonial model.

This simple truth is the leadership of the Ministry of economic development covers psevdoekonomicheskoy of words: “against the backdrop of rising oil prices, the current fiscal rule, according to the Ministry of economy in 2018 will achieve a budget surplus of 1% of GDP (for the first time since 2011) and to replenish the national wealth Fund of $50 billion. the Current arrangement in the long term provides the lowest volatility of all key economic indicators — inflation, growth, wages”. How long can we go on about these, sorry, weak-minded people? “Ene-bene-slave, quinter-finder-toad” — and we try to translate into Russian language. This is nonsense. This accountant Berlaga, trapped in a ward for the insane. When we seriously discuss it, we begin to play by their rules. To understand correctly, that “economic development” — a sign. In fact, it is the Ministry of economic disruption, and economic destruction. The government is not the government but the colonial administration. There is no economy, there is just a robbery.

You can, of course, to say that the bandits on the high road is also engaged in the economy, because they have something to redistribute. Well, let’s call the robbery economy. The same thing happens when we discuss the so-called fiscal rule. Practically, this means that the bandits put to the victim a knife to her throat and say — your money or your life, money or death! Here’s the money for the metro, leave a penny on a loaf of bread — the rest, please give. $ 20 goes to the budget of the Russian Federation, 30 “green” is in the us budget — that is the illustration of how man was walking on the road, and meet him out the bandits. Accordingly, the Ministry of economic development — these are gunners, those touts who robbed the man got into a dark alley. That’s all.

Back in the spring Kudrin, it would seem, very liberal liberal, lamented that the budget rule is too hard and wanted to make us, the people of Russia, some relief. He spoke about the cut-off price of $ 45. Apparently, at that time was a very serious situation with the budget, it was necessary to reduce the deficit. However, no difference — . and Silvanus still said no, 40 is 40 and will be. It does not matter 40 or 45. The main thing is that a robbery. And what we are going to discuss how much left in the wallet the poor wanderer — 30 cents or 35? When we discuss the topic in this way, I think that we thus lose. We slavishly servile agree with the predatory principle and discussing just how many of us cents leave. With this I can not agree, I am generally against the budget rules, it is my firm position.

A message from the Ministry of economic development is ahead of the document of the Ministry of Finance of the United States, which will address the nearest oligarchic Putin’s entourage. The proof of stability of fiscal rules — maybe even not the most expressive white flag because the white flag they threw for many years, the fiscal rule there is more than one year. There probably should be talking about other white flags. I would have remembered the Ministry of economic development in connection with the “pig story” around the WTO and pork. Several state Duma deputies appealed to the Committee on economic policy so that it has prepared a detailed request to the Ministry of economic development about the whole “pig story”. About how we effectively promote and defend through the courts its interests. And also — what are the intermediate results of our stay at the WTO, it will soon be 5 years since we are in this cell. And the last point — how advisable is it to continue to stay at the WTO and did not consider whether the Ministry of economic development it necessary to withdraw from the organization? Orescence hurried. When this initiative was undertaken by a group of deputies from the Communist party, they are literally on the same day made a report on this topic. Reports there Nemer! In this report the following sentence: “the Competent authorities of the Russian Federation does not find it necessary even to discuss the question of withdrawal of Russia from the WTO.” Here’s to you!

Indeed, even any estimates of how much we have lost or benefited from WTO membership — not. From my point of view, of course, we lost, it can be seen with the naked eye. And in this case the Ministry of economic development has again shown that it is the Ministry of economic destruction, which acts in the interests of our geopolitical opponent.

Time is working against us because we lose even what was created by previous generations. And this, of course, a crime. It is a crime not only economic. The other day I was reading St. Nicholas Serbian: something similar happened in Serbia. He said: “You are stealing not just from some person you steal from millions of people. Therefore, this sin — the sin of embezzlement is much more serious.” But the fiscal rule — that’s embezzlement! The beneficiary of this embezzlement can be our overseas partner, or a specific official. “Moreover, since the budget is mostly is created by the taxes of the people not the rich and the poor or even the poor people you steal from the poor” — this is how Nicholas said the Serbian. And then keep in mind that no matter how many generations have shed blood, sweated to create all this wealth, all this country. You steal from the ancestors, you steal from the generations, you invoke the wrath of God. This is a very serious thing, it is primarily a spiritual thing. Because some of our officials love to go to temples, I just think they would be a good idea to read out the speech of Nicholas Serbian, which he addressed to those embezzlers who stole in Serbia before the Second world war.

The 2% economic growth that we are predicting. under the current fiscal rule and membership in the WTO — that is, from an economic point of view? This is a statistical error or it means something?

First, of course, is a statistical chemistry as I say. No plus there. Secondly, even if would have been a plus and not even 2% and 10%, keep in mind that these “plus 10” would be privatized either by our oligarchs, or any of our overseas “partners”. Therefore, economic growth in conditions when the country is in a state of semi-colonies is absurd. We have such economic growth is not needed, because the beneficiaries of this economic growth are all but people.


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