The media learned about the plans to introduce criminal punishment for fictitious inspection


СМИ узнали о планах ввести уголовное наказание за фиктивный техосмотр

The authorities have prepared a package of amendments as part of a major reform of the rules of checkup of cars. One of the initiatives is a proposal to penalize operators, which produce a diagnostic card has not passed the inspection machines.

The Ministry of economic development propose to exclude the situation in which operators of the inspection will not be able to issue a diagnostic card — the document with the results of the inspection — the owners of cars that actually came to the check point. The package of amendments of the Ministry, which needed to reform the process of maintenance of vehicles. With one of the latest revisions of the document read “Kommersant”.

Diagnostic card will now be produced only in electronic form and certified by an electronic signature. The process of inspection will necessarily be recorded on video, and the final shot is loaded into the Central database of the Unified automated information system of checkup (EAISTO).

If the expert formed the map and made a failed inspection of the machine to move, he will write a fine up to 10 thousand. Such a rule required by the Cao. If you find that the employee intentionally transferred to the Central database knowingly false information, then it will be able to prosecute. Such acts by a group of persons in collusion will be punished by imprisonment of up to two or four years depending on the severity of the crime.

The media learned about plans to tighten the rules of inspection

The document also said amendments on fines 800 RUB for drivers who manage not to have passed inspection by the car (this was the “Kommersant” newspaper wrote in December).

Road car inspectors will be able to identify the offenders due to the capabilities of the cameras, the cars will be checked for EAISTO. If the vehicle the offender gets into an accident, which was caused by the fault, the insurers will have the right to sue the owner. Such a rule they want to introduce in the law on CTP.

The amendment has already been submitted for approval to the government, and then must be submitted to the Duma. System diagnostic cards was introduced in 2012. Then the legislators have entrusted the test machines to private operators and took this function from traffic police.


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