The legitimacy of the collection of signatures in support of Putin in the Sverdlovsk region under threat


Легитимность сбора подписей в поддержку Путина в Свердловской области под угрозой

The collection of signatures in support of Vladimir Putin in the Sverdlovsk region could turn into a scandal: the experts found in this process, the violation of the Federal law “On elections of President of the Russian Federation”.

As the correspondent of RIA “New Day”, alert observers found among coordinators collecting signatures for Putin, the incumbent member of the election Committee. Public organization “Volunteers of Victory”, which has been collecting signatures in the region in a number of other is Eldar Valiullin – acting member of the electoral Commission of Yekaterinburg.

Meanwhile, in clause 7 of article 36 of the Federal law on presidential elections States: “the Participation of bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, management bodies of organizations of all forms of ownership, institutions, members of election committees with the casting vote right in petition of voters is not allowed.”

The author of this strange undertaking, which may call into question the legitimacy of the collection of signatures for the nomination of Putin on the territory of Sverdlovsk region, the Agency’s experts call the head of the Department of internal policy of administration of the Governor of Sverdlovsk area Anton Tretyakov. According to one version, an unfortunate mistake was made almost the desire to save on the campaign. Anton Tretyakov this is not confirmed.

“Contact your sources, what can I say. Of course, I know from the media that is collecting signatures in support of nomination of Putin, himself a point in the Mall seen. And who coordinates the volunteers, it is necessary to ask the volunteers,” he said.


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