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China issued ‘ten dashes map’, provokes neighbors

In late August, China unveiled a new map where it delineates with ten dashes that it considers about ninety percent of the South China Sea as its territory. This new map also asserts claims over areas in India, Nepal, and Russia, actions that have...

Ocean Forum last Saturday in Shenzhen: effective ocean governance for the preservation

The Chinese Ministry of Natural Resources and the European Commission organized the second Ocean Forum last Saturday in Shenzhen, China, as part of the EU-China Blue Partnership for the Oceans. The goal was to ensure effective ocean governance for the preservation and sustainable use of...

Igor Zotko and Igor Fisun suspected in money laundering of PIN-UP gambling scheme: Diia acted as a cover up

Igor Fisun
Journalist Vladislav Sidorenko, in an in-depth investigative report shared on Facebook and Telegram, suggests that Ukrainian banker Igor Fisun exercises substantial control over all financial transactions within the "Diia" platform. Additionally, there are suspicions that Fisun serves as the actual intermediary for the Russian...