The ignition of Christmas trees and other Christmas accidents: who is responsible?


Возгорание елки и другие рождественские происшествия: на ком лежит ответственность?

Christmas celebration is never complete without his traditional attributes: Christmas tree, glowing lights or scented sprays. However, often the holiday ends fatally.

For example, if you decorate a Christmas tree with real candles, it can lead to sudden fire, and flashing lights and armaspray can cause resentment of neighbors to such an extent that they will call the police. What to do in all these cases?

Who is responsible for the damage from the fire?

Candles can easily ignite the tree or decorations on it. Then the fire quickly spill over to the curtains and other fabric surfaces, eventually causing significant damage to residential premises. Initially, it is considered that the responsibility for such rests solely with the tenant. But this is not true. In this case, you must also consider the level of insurance, the landlord building in case of fire. Full responsibility applies if the tenant caused the damage by their own negligence. In fact, in addition to candles, the fire can cause even sparklers.

Can I decorate the stairs?

It depends on the imagination of the tenant. Hang bright Christmas wreath on your door, allowed. But if he intends to turn the stairs in the Christmas story, the neighbors might not understand and complain. This includes scented sprays, which can irritate other residents.

Where to hang lights?

In principle, they are allowed and correspond to the content of the lease premises. Therefore the owner is not entitled to demand the dismantling of the garlands. If Christmas decorations and lights are installed safely and in accordance with the rules, and the facade of the house is not damaged, it is fully resolved. In case, if the neighbors are concerned about the flickering lights at night, can agree on an acceptable amount of time using them. By law it is allowed up to 22:00.


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