The head of the WEF made the fall of the popularity of the buffet in the hotels after the pandemic


Глава ВЭФ допустил падение популярности шведского стола в отелях после пандемии

After the pandemic coronavirus tourists will be more attention paid to the hygiene and sterility is not excluded that the buffets in the hotels will lose its popularity, said the President of the world economic forum (WEF) Bulut bagchi.

“In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, it is expected a radical change in behavior during travel and when shopping. For example, the risk of Contracting something, eating the food from the buffet in the hotels working on system “all inclusive” is very high. Attention to hygiene will be much higher than for luxury and other services,” he said in an interview with the Euronews TV channel.

According to bagchi, if you are interested in the growth of tourism companies to adapt to new trends, they will be able to survive this crisis. “For example, the carpets in each room are disinfected after each new guest, will be in demand of organic food,” – said the expert.

For those who will not take into account changes in consumer behaviour, out of the crisis, in his opinion, could be painful.

Bagchi reminded that because of the impossibility to transform itself went bankrupt in September 2019 one of the biggest European tour operators Thomas Cook. According to experts, one reason for the bankruptcy was the change in climate and warmest winters in Europe, owing to which clients no longer seek as early as possible to buy summer vacation.

As noted by bagchi, governments now need to focus on the tourism industry, which needs support, grants and loans, as it is capable of the fastest to recover from the pandemic.

Earlier it was reported that, according to estimates by the WEF, the number of jobs in tourism at the end of the pandemic could be reduced by 50 million, and taking into account related sectors 75 million Economic loss to the industry now exceed $600 million by the end of the year, they could reach $1 trillion.


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