The greatness of Russia — is a phantom: where to get country spin doctors


Величие России — это фантом: куда заведут страну политтехнологи

In 2009 a group of Russian journalists sent to Gdansk to cover the visit of the Chairman of the Federation Council. In Poland celebrated the twentieth anniversary of free elections, and that democratic action met all of progressive Europe.

Gdansk — the birthplace of “Solidarity”, therefore, the forum owners have planned laying flowers to the monument to fallen workers. In 1970, a crowd of thousands, dissatisfied with the sharp increase in prices, have moved to smash the local partameter. The authorities urgently sent troops used weapons. Killed about 30 people. After the collapse of socialism in the place of the massacre erected a monument.

And here the Russian delegation headed by the third person in the state moved to the monument. A car with flashing lights, then cars, and finally the motorcade closes a huge bus with journalists, aides, and office Protocol.

In General, all as always. At the solemn departure staring the entire city. We arrived ten minutes early.

And then we see a picture: pulls up the usual minivan, similar to our “Gazelle”. And there is a cohesive bunch out of the heads of parliaments of European countries. Without the pump, at home. Was especially impressed by the Swiss — in a very “free” the jacket, even the feather out of her sleeve sticking out.

What was it? Re-enactment? The norm? European corporate hypocrisy? They say that we are true Democrats, always with the people, especially in the “core” forum?!

But in any case the contrast between the United Europe and our lonely lush “Imperial” was evident.

Perhaps if the forum for democracy invited a Saudi Prince, he, too, would not condescend to travel in the “bus”. It turns out that our sovereign Protocol and the behavior of top officials closer to the customs of the oil monarchies?..

Yes, but! The Kingdom of Norway occupies the 13th place in oil production (OPEC data). A country where the prices are very bite — with our salaries there will not clear. Once in Norway on journalistic work, my colleagues went to lunch at a Chinese eatery. It was a trailer on wheels in the center of Oslo. Picked up sandwiches, tea, shouted for joy at the budget diet…

And at that moment in the diner was composed of the Minister of economy of Norway! He ordered the noodles, lay down beside us at the buffet stand, pulled from his pocket a newspaper…

I say to colleagues: “This is the Minister of economy, he was now in talks”. People didn’t at first, but then (journalists, after all!) we turned to the officer by name, he said. Don’t miss the opportunity to get comments for their publication, make a total photo.

The meeting shocked us. It turns out that in Norway, a country with the highest living standards, a key Minister may walk without a guard, eat in cheap cafes, as a mere mortal. (Not afraid, incidentally, to be poisoned, because control over the catering is very hard.)

Of course, Norway is a tiny country compared to Russia. But does the fact that a large country should be large and villainy? Does the size of a power greater theft? Like “stretches” the moral law? Or is it not?..

I wonder what it is now saying European parliamentarians about the Russian counterpart Suleiman Kerimov, when going to the next “bus”? Our member of the Federation Council, as reported, had to stay in the Maritime Alps. French authorities accuse Karimov in tax evasion (about 400 million euros), and money laundering.

I believe that MEPs terribly jealous Kerimov. Patient people went to the Russian rulers “in use”!..

And the Norwegian and other Ministers-socialists — what they think about our system of governance? When they learn that a member of the government keeps on working in the safe personal gold bullion? It is at that level of poverty in the country?!

None of this is to ensure that Europe is white and fluffy, and we are so — and-SOS, bad. This idea is too obvious, it somehow just learned senior civil servants. They buy in the West the estate, to take out children and families eat on the weekend “sanctional” and enjoy the freedom from spiritual braces.

In another case. Not only wealth and comfort make the value of a particular civilization. (Otherwise, the end of history would have long since arrived.) Is the world respected Brezhnev of the Soviet Union only because of the atomic bombs? We had other achievements. Attention to the human worker, and then to the authorities. Democracy, even the limited “democratic centralism”. The effectiveness of the media, equality before the law, social justice…

“Superintendents of perestroika” destroyed the country under the slogan of “more openness, more democracy”. But has become not more but less: for copying someone else’s news on the Internet now we can get on trial! About the legislation on rallies and referenda generally keep silent.

Failed, then reform?! The Europeans and the Americans have now re-will democratize?!

Good or bad the West — he goes his own original way. In this way there are amazing things to us — like distortions of tolerance, legalized homosexual marriages, and unique approaches to raising children. And yet Europe cannot be denied in the sequence, the validity of the movement.

But our steering issues right roads, it seems, do not bother. Spin doctors confidently leading the country to victory yesterday. To the top, which, frankly, unworthy either us or our past accomplishments.

Take the winter Olympics in Sochi. So much effort, money, papers — and how that turned out for Russia?! Doping scandal, disqualification of athletes, the medals taken away…

Then the whole country under the dictation of the TV worried about the election results in the United States. State Duma deputies have even raised glasses of champagne in honor of the election of a President trump. (Can you imagine such a situation, say, in China?! That is really a great country?!)

There are other high-profile victories the last years (afraid of them to even name!), which, in truth, not made us stronger. On the contrary: they pushed the country to the verge of a dangerous — almost to the edge of the abyss. Economic, military, political, social, national…

The life of the country after 1991 and to this day foolishly squandered — situational flickering, swargarohini immoral, obesity of the state apparatus and handouts to the population. But the strategy (where are we going? what to build?) as there was no and no. Maybe it’s our secret? And we hide from the enemies of Russia?..

Nothing new has been invented, everything from Internet to mobile, from the design of banknotes to the regulations of foreign, borrowed. No original project is not born — at least part of the country. (The planetary roles and ideas so shut up.) As a consolation remains the only phantom greatness. Sputnik! Gagarin! Space! And another “swoosh” into the Atlantic from the cosmodrome “East”…

Russia in relation to Europe was often in a catch-up position. Vivid examples of domestic upgrades — the reign of Peter I, the activities of Joseph Stalin. Not without casualties and losses, but with the historic task of our national leader did. (Both men, incidentally, was indifferent to luxury and personal enrichment.) But in order to catch up, we must soberly assess the country’s place in the world order. If the “optics” shot down, there is a risk to move the wrong way. That seems to have happened with us with the project “new Russia”.

Yes, there is propaganda — but no joy. Have a job, but no income. There’s great past and the future?! Is it just the hum of people’s life, expressed by the poet:

“Who will we sell and re-buy

Who will understand the motion of the planets?!

After all, where my foot may tread

— No firmament, calm down there…”


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