The giant battery of the Tesla earned in Australia, millions of profit


Гигантская батарея Tesla заработала в Австралии миллионную прибыльAustralian battery system Tesla has earned its owners $800,000 in just a few days.

The profit of the creators of the battery will get, in particular, due to the energy trade.

Currently, 70 percent of the battery capacity is reserved for the government of the state of South Australia, to use in case of emergency the power outages.

The company Neoen, one of the founders of battery, has control over the remaining 30%, which they can use to trade on the wholesale market. Neoen able to sell electricity at a price around 14 000 Australian dollars, while generated electricity costs almost nothing.

But the battery is of benefit not only its creators, but also Australia. So, the battery Powerpack Tesla was able to deliver electricity over 1000 miles for coal-fired industrial facility in Victoria. Thus, the battery of the company Elon musk was able to prevent blackouts in the neighboring state.

Tesla and Neoen already working to create a battery 20mW in the Australian state of Victoria, in addition, Neoen intends to develop the battery in Queensland, and it will be even greater than in South Australia, although Tesla still hasn’t officially signed the agreement.

Add that Tesla recently won the tender for another contract, this time for the construction of the system rechargeable energy storage Powerpack in New Zealand. This was stated by representatives of Mercury, the energy company from New Zealand.


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