The Germans are beginning to abandon diesel


Немцы начинают отказываться от дизеля

In Germany, accelerated the demand for new and used cars with diesel engines. This is evidenced by statistical data and surveys of auto dealers.

The trend predicted by experts after the outbreak in autumn 2015, diesel scandal with Volkswagen becoming increasingly apparent: in Germany, falling demand for new and used cars with diesel engines. This is evidenced by recent statistics, surveys of avtotormozov and research experts.

In may, the share of diesels among newly registered cars decreased to 40.4%, almost 6 percentage points less than it was a year ago. And despite the fact that the past month has been very successful for Europe’s largest German automobile market: sales of new passenger cars increased compared to may of last year by about 13%.

Enterprise customers reduce purchases

Diesel technology invented in his time in Germany and for a long time, which is very popular here, are increasingly refusing not only individual owners but also to companies in the formation of the Park. Recently purchased three-quarters of the German legal entities of passenger cars were equipped with engines running on diesel fuel. Their purchase allows Germany to use tax benefits, and therefore particularly attractive for those who actively operates a car.

Thus, in the period from January to April 2015, the share of diesel engines among the cars bought in Germany for internal use, reached 75.8%. A year later it dropped to 72.8%, and this year made up over the same period has only 68,4%.

These figures are published on Monday, June 5, head of the Center for automotive research (CAR) at the University of Duisburg-Essen Professor Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer (Ferdinand Dudenhöffer). His conclusion: in the German fleet companies are gradually beginning to look for alternatives to diesel. “Although two-thirds of new corporate vehicles are still equipped with diesel engines, a decreasing trend is hard to miss,” says the expert.

Biggest discounts on used cars

Clearly feel this trend, and the German merchants used cars. In the second half of may, 730 of them took part in the survey conducted by the marketing Institute DAT (Deutsche Automobil Treuhand), specializing in the study and evaluation of secondary automobile market. While 58% of respondents said that they now sell second hand diesel cars with higher-than-usual discounts.

And 65% of traders said that they take now used cars from their owners only at a reduced price. In the result the residual value of the vehicle with diesel engine is at the moment, after three years of operation of 55.4% of the original price, while comparable models with petrol engines, this figure reaches an average of 56.4 per cent, the report notes DAT.

The root cause of falling demand for diesel cars in Germany has become the scandal of the Volkswagen group. It turned out that he was secretly equipped their cars with special software, which in tests artificially lower the indicators of harmful emissions. This deliberate deception of consumers gave impetus continuing to this day debate about how harmful to humans and the environment is modern diesel technology.

Buyers deter future entry bans in the city

German carmakers who have invested billions of euros into its development, indicate a higher energy content of diesel fuel. Therefore, they say, diesel engines burn less fuel than gasoline, and, consequently, emit less carbon dioxide, threatening the global climate.

Opponents of automobile manufacturers, in turn, rests on the fact that emitted from diesel engines is carcinogenic airborne particles and poisonous nitrogen dioxide is particularly dangerous to humans. Therefore, some German cities are going after the Stuttgart to impose restrictions or prohibitions on the entry of diesel vehicles in particularly adverse environmental conditions.

These subsequent bans is apparently the main reason that a growing number of German natural and legal persons shall refrain now from purchasing diesel vehicles. However, many cities have not yet made a final decision, besides some of the planned restrictions is questionable from a legal point of view, indicates the German automobile club ADAC.

Therefore, its Executive Director Alexander möller (Alexander Möller) at the end of may in an interview with car magazine Automobilwoche called German car owners “keep calm and without special needs not to rush to sell their current diesel cars.” Whether to stop such calls the demand for such machines, will show the near future.


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