The Forest will leave early access in April


The Forest покинет ранний доступ в апрелеEndnight Games will stop releasing small patches and will throw all forces on large updates.

The Forest is another famous example of survival game, which is brewed in early access on Steam since time immemorial (actually since may 2014). But it is still alive and gets to version 1.0!

Steam community Studio Endnight Games has told about plans on release. The Forest needs to leave early access at the end of April 2018. The exact dates yet, will announce it closer to the exit. In the meantime, the developers are offering the people to hurry and save: once The Forest grows to 1.0, the price of the game will jump from 14.99 to 19.99 United States dollar.

To release Endnight Games is going to add full support for the controller and finished the translation in several languages (which, not specified). In addition, The Forest waiting for gameplay improvements: new resources with “creeps” that made more sense to kill them; reworked system heating and cooling; new construction.

Endnight Games patched and technical holes, for example, will significantly modify the optimizations (especially to save in the later stages of the game) and change the function of savegames in multiplayer. In plans still there is a version for virtual reality and many other surprises. The developers have hinted that the ending of The Forest will be a kind of surprise that can excite the community game.

To focus on the release, Endnight Games will stop releasing small patches and will throw all forces on large updates.

Recall that for 2018 from the abode of early access are going to go two legendary fans of: RUST and DayZ.


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