The foreigner has escaped from sex slavery in Moscow


Иностранка сбежала из секс-рабства в Москве

The citizen of Uzbekistan has escaped from sexual slavery in Moscow. On Thursday, March 5, according to RT.

According to the channel, in Moscow 18-year-old foreigner came in early 2019 at the invitation of a friend, who offered her a job as a salesman. However, instead of working, she was forced into prostitution. The girl was brought to the apartment and a few months were forced to provide sexual services for money.

She managed to escape after two months, but returned it back. She said that after the incident she began to beat the other girls and threaten to murder her family. In addition, the victim was forced to continue to provide sexual services, but for free.

The girl managed to escape a second time. She wrote a statement to the police. Law enforcement officers began to inspect. The apartment, which allegedly held the victim, police found another two citizens of Uzbekistan, 1990 and 2000 year of birth.

In may 2019, it was reported that an unemployed native of the Tambov region, previously convicted for theft, tried to sell two Moscow the eighth-grade girls into sexual slavery.


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