The doctors explained why it is necessary every day to eat bananas


Медики объяснили, почему надо каждый день есть бананыTheir use is invaluable.

Researchers from the United States conducted a series of experiments, and concluded in the end that one of the essential foodstuffs of the people must be bananas. Scientists recommend to eat bananas daily: these fruits, according to them, can greatly improve health.

The authors of a new study have come to believe that every day is useful to eat two bananas a day.

“For those who are on a diet or lead an active lifestyle bananas are indispensable: it is relatively low-calorie source of nutrients, provides satiety for a few hours and promotes the production of endorphins that cause a feeling of pleasure and a rush of energy,” – said the scientists.

According to experts, bananas are rich in fiber and vitamins, particularly vitamin B6, which regulates the level of glucose in the blood. Thus they can be consumed even people with mild gastric and intestinal disorders – bananas do not irritate the digestive tract and what’s more, “absorb” in itself in the intestinal toxins.

Also, bananas contain carotene, which positively affects the health of hair, nails and skin. The combination of carotene and vitamin B in this fruit is estimated by scientists as a powerful composition with a preventive effect against cancer cells.

Special favor bananas carry for women, according to experts. If you eat daily one banana, it will soon show a favourable effect on the appearance on the skin will become less noticeable wrinkles. Bananas are a source of vitamin E, which promotes updating of cages of a skin, said the doctors.

They added that eating bananas protects women from headaches and migraines, and also serves as a prevention of insomnia.


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