The doctors explained what vegetables can save you from a stroke


Врачи объяснили, какие овощи спасут от инсультаThey should include in your diet.

Hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in brain) causes great harm to people of working age.

High blood pressure is the main cause of this often fatal type of stroke. According to a new study, people who ate lots of green leafy vegetables, 64% less risk of stroke.

The researchers analyzed data from 682 patients who have had bleeding in the brain. The average age of participants was equal to 53.7 per year. Hemorrhagic stroke was 32.2% of all cases of stroke.

Most cases were associated with high blood pressure. So few people have causes of stroke were the features of the anatomical structure of cerebral vessels, the use of drugs and other factors.

The study showed that consumption of green leafy vegetables reduced the risk of stroke. In addition, the researchers found that patients with diabetes experienced a stroke 2.33 times more often.

People suffering from severe stress at work or at home, the risk of intracerebral hemorrhage was increased 2.2-fold in individuals with high cholesterol – 1.69 times and smokers – more than 10 times.


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