The doctor told me, is restricted diet


Not everyone can rigidly restrict food.

Many people try to bring her figure in order on their own, using a rigid diet. However, this method can lead to serious health problems. This was told by the dietician Alexey Kovalkov, reports the with reference to Comments.

The expert believes that the independent “treatment” of obesity using various diets dangerous for people with chronic diseases. He also noted that often the presence of excess weight is not due to poor diet and hormonal imbalance, the treatment of which should be handled by experts.

“Often the main cause of obesity are disruptions in the hormonal system of the body. Of course, there is a genetic predisposition and the influence of the first years of life, but the main factor is the imbalance of hormones. Accordingly, diet, even the hard, can only slow the process of obesity, but do not eliminate the cause of the disease. But the good news is that hormonal disruptions responding to medical treatment,” — said the nutritionist.


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