The disjointed day. In the US people EN masse to remove each other “friends” after the election


Unusual behavior of Americans in the social networks devoted even a few articles in the media. Supporters of Clinton and trump can’t maintain a relationship after the election is over: so great emotional tension and strong disagreements.

“Today, more people unfriended each other on Facebook than any other day in the history of social networking”.

Thread under this title on Reddit has collected 9 Nov 2.5 thousand likes and several hundred comments in which users confirm that they do today, clicked on “unfriend” (“remove from friends”). Guilty election.

Brother brother blocks in the tape Facebook. A house divided within itself cannot stand — “quotes” one of the users of Abraham Lincoln. In several editions today published articles on mass virtual quarrels on Facebook and not only.

Supporters of trump’s and Clinton unsubscribe from each other, not wanting to know anything about those who do not share their political views.

Today I unfriended 10 people, because I didn’t want to see in your feed their joyful posts about the victory trump, told the Chicago Tribune American Lauryn Lee from Memphis. — Two more I unfriended because they left under my sad post about Hillary’s comments about trump.


One of them is my husband’s aunt. So thanksgiving will be awkward. Such cases, apparently, the millions, although Facebook and Twitter have not yet provided any official statistics. Thousands these here tweets: “If you voted for trump, We’re not friends anymore. Your voice is personal. Refollow me.

Block me. Delete from friends. I don’t want you in my life.” “If you’re American and voted for trump, rasprede me. We have nothing in common that would be important.” To some it all may seem childish.

“When supporters of trump say leave the friends IMHO, it’s not childish, it just means that you don’t want to interact with people who harm you”. The case may go further. “*Removes from everyone who says do not remove from friends because of political views*”.

“I have seen many statuses, “If you voted for trump, get away from friends.” Can’t shake the feeling that this only exacerbates the division. I know we’re all very angry.”

In the night from 8 to 9 November, the media announced that victory in the US presidential election was won by the Republican candidate businessman Donald trump. Reaction to the election results were controversial and very emotional.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton, who lost to Trump in the struggle contrary to the data of sociological surveys, social media made a real parade of horror and despair.

Many are already planning who to vote for in four years, and are encouraged to nominate Kanye West and Michelle Obama.

And among California residents even started a flash mob for the withdrawal of the state from the United States.

The Russian-speaking segment of Twitter also reacted to the victory of trump in General is rather negative, but in any case, very emotional. Medialeaks wrote yesterday about the meaning of the election trump President of the United States for Russia.



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