The developers PUBG made a desert map less barren


Разработчики PUBG сделали пустынную карту менее пустынной“Miramar” fix no accident — the community from this location is not that thrilled.

Maybe you absolutely nothing to PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds, but we believe it is our duty to make sure that you know about all the events in the life of the game! The more that restless developers continue carpet bombing a pleasant update.

First of all, on the test server, the creators have improved the location “Miramar”. People often complained about the shortage of shelters in the desert, and PUBG Corporation built up the area with additional objects and buildings. As there are more pathways for transport. Finally, some areas of maps have become more generous in the equipment.

“Miramar” fix no accident — the community from this location is not that thrilled. Some users do not want to survive among the sun-scorched landscapes and remove unwanted level of game files to return to the main menu during loading.

In addition, the company is experiencing a fresh anti-cheat designed to clean PUBG from rogue contamination. Due to the new shooter may occasionally fly, so until the novelty runs in the test client.

On Xbox One “battle Royale” also got a small patch. First changes have affected the equipment — is now “firearms” and crash cars cause more damage. Moreover, to bring down the foot soldiers became more difficult — in contact with transport characters lose a little less health than before. Full list of edits is available here.


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