The Council of Europe decided to counteract the Ukraine due to the Russian contribution


Совет Европы решил противодействовать Украине из-за российского взноса

In the Council of Europe there is an internal “counter” to the Ukrainian Parliament, said “UKRINFORM”, the head of the country’s delegation to PACE Vladimir Aryev.

“The Secretariat of the Council of Europe say that the indexing of wages to them is not happening because of the intransigence of the Ukrainians. Give the job to begin as much as possible to criticize and create problems,” said the Ariev.

According to him, due to the fact that Russia has suspended the payment of contribution to the budget of the organization. “I am now a few people have said that Ukraine is trying to blame, because we stand in the way of 50 million euros from Russia,” – said the head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE.

He also promised that “the Byzantine merrymaking will end badly for the Council of Europe”.

Moscow from 2016 sends the documents required for accreditation of their representatives to PACE as in 2014 and 2015 the Russian Parliament was deprived of voting rights at the sessions and opportunities to participate in the work of the statutory bodies of the Assembly because of the position on the Crimea. Last summer, Russia has suspended part of the payments to the budget of the Council of Europe for 2017 as long as the credentials of the delegation to PACE will not be fully recovered.

The Deputy from BPP Vladimir Aryev elected Vice-President of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on 22 January. He previously served as the head of the delegation of Ukraine in PACE.

Aryev nominated for the post on its quota 2018. Vice-presidents of the PACE shall be elected by the quota of the national delegations of countries participating in the Assembly. The co-chair countries are changed on rotation.

At the moment the quota of delegations of Russia and Italy remained vacant. In the past year as Vice-President of the PACE from Ukraine performs Georgy Logvynsky.


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