The Church member in Perm banned put brought a candle. First, put a thousand


Прихожанке в Перми запретили ставить принесенную с собой свечку. Сначала положите тысячу

A resident of Perm, who came to the Church with your candle, not allowed to use it. A parishioner posted a message about it in the group of “Atypical Perm” in a social network “Vkontakte”.

“Today is Granny and vigilantly, like a hawk watching what I put the candle and began: “No, my father does not permit, we have not bought, you still do not help, still will not get you the blessings over the candle and on the candle, nothing good will happen, but we are doing repairs, that put a thousand first for repairs, then put the, now the father will call,” says the parishioner.

Secretary of the Perm diocese of Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) Andrey Litovka’t see anything wrong in the incident. “It is wrong to buy, for example, the spark packs in the Orthodox fairs, and then burn them in the parishes of Perm or other cities. Buying a candle, a parishioner donates to the Church existed. The standard building of the temples is quite energy-intensive, high ceilings, heating, the salary of employees. For some reason everyone thinks that the Church is something free,” said Lithuanian in conversation with the correspondent “URA.RU”.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, said that among his friends there are those who like to put their candles, but they are “any amount of donations to the Church.” Easy the burning of candles, according to the priest, does not bring any good neither for the Church nor for humans.


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