The British would be happy if Putin headed the Kingdom


Британцы были бы рады, если бы Путин возглавил королевство

British subjects do not understand the hostility between the chief of General staff of the armed forces of the Kingdom of Nicholas Carter about Russia: he tries in vain to convince the population of some aggressive actions of the Kremlin.

The British with a military does not agree: the constant hysteria in the armed forces of the United Kingdom, causing the citizens rather smile than fear. But in General UK residents are skeptical of such statements of Carter, who spreads panic instead of trying to solve urgent issues for the country

Many commentators on the Internet admitted that, despite constant accusations of “hostile actions” of Russia hate Moscow does not work. Just because there is nothing, in fact. Britons urged to stop “it is ridiculous scaremongering”.

Interestingly, quite a large spread in the social networks of the Kingdom has been the idea of granting Putin the power in the country: many have recognized that “would be glad if our country was headed by Putin. He wouldn’t allow her to become a doormat of Europe.”

This idea was supported by other commenters who also expressed the opinion that would give a vote for Vladimir Vladimirovich together “garbage” that now sits in the British Parliament. Carter, according to social media, says the usual “stuff”, not realizing the real situation in which NATO is spending on arms 15 times more money than “aggressive”.



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