The best role Audrey Tautou: review “the Movie”


This is the face everyone knows. Even the name is remembered not everyone, not to mention the fact, to imagine a rich and varied career of this French actress. But it’s worth it to appear in the film or in the media, no one question who it is. Today, Audrey Tautou, named after Audrey Hepburn, celebrates its fortieth birthday and we decided to remind about the fact that her fate was no less interesting role than that for which it is loved by millions of viewers.

The best role Audrey Tautou: review “the Movie”

But it’s still the main role of Audrey Tautou. Tautou after her, instantly turned into a French star No. 1, the whole world was revised many times, this lyrical story about a weird girl, her romantic love, and an unusual vision of the world. Most of the screen time is Audrey Tautou silent, but play her eyes and lips – plays all over the body. And around her the magic happens, which was invented and implemented by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, whose film career has become not only a landmark, but also the most successful.

Trailer of the movie “Amelie”

Dirty pretty things
After the role of “Amelie” Tautou immediately got a whole train of similar images, but none of these films have not been quite as successful, to be here to remember. Much more interesting that Tautou noticed a very major Directors, including from other countries. So, British Stephen Frears called Tautou in the main role in a fairly dark Thriller in a realistic manner. For Tautou it was an attempt to move beyond the image of Amelie, and the name of a movie star brought to the film a huge success with audiences worldwide. People wanted to see their favorite actress again – before going to review “Amelie” in movie theaters, where the picture is still “cool”. Incidentally, this also applies to Russia: for many years, “Amelie” was a record for the duration of the rental.

Trailer of the movie “Dirty pretty things”

Not on the lips
Sometimes even superstars are willing to sacrifice the status and to play a small role, if we are talking about the great Director, working with whom is a great honor. Little musical Comedy “not on the lips” – a nice gift from Alain Resnais, and although Audrey Tautou was not included in the list of actors with whom he worked constantly in the last years of his life. To play and sing in his film she still managed. She was the main star in the film, and that her face adorned the posters.

Audrey Tautou in the film “Only not in lips” not only looks great, but still dances and sings

A very long engagement
Shortly after “Ameli” Jean-Pierre Jeunet was invited Audrey Tautou to star in his new film, the purpose of which he cherished for many years. Oscar on the scale of material – drama about a woman who is not ready to believe in the death of her lover in world war I and goes through many trials trying to find it. Audrey Tautou here actively used age make-up and surprisingly easy fit into retroocular created by his Wife. She still really is clothing from another era, it is in the “Libertine” was obvious. But here the heroine’s face still painted noble suffering, and it was also Tautou very fit.

The trailer of the film “a very Long engagement”

The da Vinci code
If up to a certain point, films with Audrey Tautou is still relatively refined intended audience, at least, is quite demanding, the blockbuster “da Vinci Code” was a serious and significant exception. Of course, as the novel was much primitivized version of the works of Umberto Eco and the film itself does not imply any serious reading. Criticism around the world was skeptical, “decent people” on the film go, but his box-office takings amounted to 750 million dollars, and Audrey Tautou played in a pair with Tom Hanks, I guess for any actress real gift. Today, this movie hardly anyone remembers, and Audrey Tautou since then, chooses to refrain from participation in Hollywood movies.

Trailer for the movie “da Vinci Code”

Coco Chanel
Instead, she offered the audience a completely new level of adult play, and it relates primarily to a brilliant role in the story of the notorious trendsetter. Taken that part of her life, when Coco was waking up to her rebellious spirit – or was it just a heightened sense of beauty? Audrey Tautou is wonderful managed to convey the feelings of a woman who is deeply distressed by the ugliness and artificiality of its environment, and as trying, at least by example, to make the world a little more beautiful. The elegance and grace of the actress helped her to achieve excellent results: after the movie I want to throw away your clothes and to rethink their attitude to the real world.

The trailer of the film “Coco before Chanel”

Teresa D.
The Cannes premiere and the fate of the film based on the novel of Mauriac justly be considered modest, but Audrey Tautou here again took serious height. Desperate from an unhappy life with her husband, actually killed his woman we must not only understand, but also to understand the complexity of its provisions. Not to sympathize, and to understand exactly what the tragedy of her situation and its hopelessness. Such dark roles in her career was not, and Tautou plays Therese Desqueyroux with desperate anguish and in the complete absence of coquetry, which is still in other cases, it is an important tool.

The trailer of the film “Theresa.”

Foam of the days
Many decades after the book of Boris Viana thought that no one will ever be able to adequately film. Because it is impossible. Michel Gondry not only accepted the challenge, and made one of the best films in his almost flawless career. Audrey Tautou for this picture and instantly rejuvenated, and returned all the elements of a charming eccentric and exquisite charm that once helped her to achieve worldwide fame. Gondry happily wrapped around her magical threads of his technical genius and an unusual but delicate taste and made Tautou one of the main decorations of the film. Recently, he called to her on film, but since he started relatively realistic period, in the film “germs, petrol Tautou appears to us as it is a normal school teacher.

The trailer of the film “the Foam of days”

The film about Jacques Cousteau has not yet emerged, and it is difficult to judge how notable a role Audrey Tautou in it. But her record and the care with which she selects roles that give grounds to expect a professional and inspired work that will adorn the film. Tautou is always well managed not just to Shine in the frame, but to become part of the film, to put ourselves in the frame, as if without it it is impossible and strange. So, sea travel, and submarine slopes from October 2016 will be impossible without this amazing woman. Like many other bright scenes the beginning of the XXI century.

Movie trailer of “the Odyssey”


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