The best pictures of the year by the Royal photographic society. Photo


Best of the best.

This is the final list of contenders for the victory in the competition of scientific photographs from the Royal photographic society.
Stag beetle — the largest beetle of the genus Lucanus within the family of stags. Is the largest beetle that lives in Europe: individual specimens of males of the nominate subspecies can reach lengths of up to 86-91 mm. (Photo by Viktor Sykora | 2019 Science Photographer of the Year | RPS):

Radio telescope named after B. Lovell. At the time of construction in 1957, was the largest (mirror diameter 76.2 m) full-circle radio telescope in the world. Currently the third largest, after the radio telescope “green Bank” to USA (100 m) and Effelsberg radio telescope in Germany (100m). (Photo by Marge Bradshaw | 2019 Science Photographer of the Year | RPS):

The body of a jellyfish is 98% water. (Photo Mary Anne Chilton | 2019 Science Photographer of the Year | RPS):

Chronic fatigue syndrome (millionsi encephalomyelitis) is a disease characterized by long-lasting fatigue, not eliminate even after even after a long vacation. The occurrence of chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with development of neurosis of the Central regulatory centers of the autonomic nervous system. The picture associated with research of this Opera. (Photo by Yasmin Crawford | 2019 Science Photographer of the Year | RPS):


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