The best folk remedy for sore throat


Лучшие народные средства от боли в горлеThese methods will allow in the shortest time to cure the throat.

Soreness in the throat can cause the infection by viruses other infections and fungi. In medicine a condition in which a sore throat, is often called pharyngitis. But also, it can be the following diseases: sore throat, flu and colds.

When the pain in the throat the best solution is consulting a therapist, who will determine the cause of the symptoms and will tell you how to treat it. Popular methods can be used, but only as additional funds from a sore throat, but not as the only measure of treatment, as with many pathogenic microorganisms, they can simply not cope and then the pharyngitis of acute turn into chronic.

The best folk remedy for sore throat:

Warm gargle with baking soda. Soda reduces inflammation and helps kill germs, so in addition to analgesic properties, this gargle will help to recover faster.

Rinsing with baking soda, sea salt and iodine. This recipe is gentle on the mucous membranes of the throat and soothes inflammation, whereby pain is inhibited with each new rinse. Another method is called sea water, because it contains ingredients that are and in marine waters.

Decoction of chamomile or sage for gargling. These herbs are natural antiseptics and antimicrobial agents, so treatment for a sore throat they come in handy.

Propolis to dissolve. Propolis, like honey, has healing properties and it can be called one of the best natural antiseptics. If a sore throat, instead of drugstore candy dissolve a piece of propolis several times a day.

Preferably, at the time of treatment of the throat to give up the foods may irritate the mucous membranes and provoke the emergence of even more discomfort. Such products include: hot spices, fruits, especially citrus fruits, cold drinks, alcohol and so on.


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