The attack in Nigeria: suicide bombers blew up themselves


Теракт в Нигерии: смертники  взорвали сами себяTwo explosions claimed the lives of ten people

Reportedly, one of the attackers activated on carried a bomb into the crowd, killing himself and ten more people who were nearby.

According to the Nigerian police, the second suicide bomber because of the panic activated the explosives near the market when there were no other people, so as a result of the second blast killed only him. So, it is noted that the attacker, who blew himself up in the market, was a woman. At least 65 people were injured in the explosion.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Mubi, Adamawa state (Nigeria) there was a suicide bombing in a mosque suicide bombers, fifty victims. According to local publications, up 17-year-old male-suicide in the mosque after morning prayer is one of the deadliest attacks in 2017.


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