The American movie star was accused of harassment of minors


The star of the series “house of cards” is suspected of harassment guy.

The actor stuck his hand into the guy’s pants and took hold of his genitals. American actor Kevin spacey was molested by 18-year-old son of TV journalist Heather Anru. A woman and her son gave a press conference in Boston, during which he told all the details of the incident. It is reported by the Chronicle.Info with reference to TSN.

According to Anru, this happened in July 2016 in the restaurant on the American island of Nantucket in the Atlantic ocean. Spacey bought her son a few alcoholic drinks, and when he was drunk, stuck his hand down his pants and grabbed the genitals. The guy tried to free herself, but couldn’t. After that, he panicked and froze, the journalist says.

It was in a poorly lit room, which was a lot of people. When Kevin spacey went to the toilet, to son Anru Heather approached an unidentified woman and advised him to escape. The guy did it. The next day he told his mother.

Anru said that her son was ashamed and afraid, he did not go to the police. But last week he wrote a letter to law enforcement agencies.


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