Thailand may abandon weed prohibition


Weed, cannabis, ganja and jonko are all names for the sacred plant that makes your head light. In Thailand, after years of strict legislation around soft drugs, they found it time for a progressive wind. The Asian country is currently, like other countries, ahead of our weed policy. The last stunt is the free distribution of weed to the population.

In recent years, Thailand has emerged as a role model for the rest of the world. To be honest, weed is just a smokeable herb that has fewer risks than alcohol and tobacco.

Marijuana in Thailand is now legal

Now you might be thinking, is this true? Yes, this is true. In the past, Thailand’s laws were very strict and you could end up in prison for years for possession of cannabis. That policy has now been turned 180 degrees, in the positive sense of the word. Some examples of this new policy: confiscated weed no longer goes into the incinerator, but is donated to hospitals for medicinal use, there are so-called cannabis clinics where the population is treated with cannabis for their pain and the Thai government wants to stimulate the economy with cannabis tourism.

The plant will become completely legal on June 9, and then the population will be allowed to grow and use as much as they want. Some conditions: it must be intended for personal medicinal and/or recreational consumption and you must inform the authorities that you are going to grow cannabis. This summer, we might even consider a trip to Thailand. After all, they also need an FHM500 there, right!

To give this policy a good start, the minister of Health Anutin Charnvirakul wants to give away 1 million weed plants free of charge to his population. This Is What National-Thailand reported last week. Minister Anutin Charnvirakul talks about the legalization and his gift of 1 million weed plants to the people: ‚Äúthis will allow the people and the government to earn more than 10 billion baht annually (which is a little 275 million euros) from weed and hemp. Meanwhile, people can show their cannabis and hemp products and the knowledge about them. They can now sell their products nationwide.”We don’t see Ernst Kuipers making the same choices as this Thai minister yet, but it would simply be better.


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