Thailand corrects its THC stance, shifts to more medicinal use


Since Thailand legalized cannabis, you can safely call what followed a free for all. There were no to few restrictions. Last month there were restrictions. For example, cannabis may no longer be used in shops for recreational reasons, i.e. not medicinally. But the sale of cannabis with a high THC content for recreational purposes has also been restricted.
No more sales of buds with high THC content allowed, also recreational use in stores restricted.

The announcement, made by the Ministry of Health last Thursday, has entered into force immediately.

Cannabis shops in Thailand are no longer allowed to allow customers to smoke cannabis on their premises, although the consumption of medicinal cannabis on site is only tolerated if the cannabis is sold by a doctor.

Perhaps even more importantly, the ministry now classifies cannabis buds with a high THC content as a controlled substance and thus imposes restrictions, including a ban on the sale of buds as well as a ban on consumption on site. Other measures are repetitions of original restrictions such as age requirements (20 years and older) and the ban on the sale of cannabis to pregnant and lactating women. The mandate also prohibits the sale of cannabis buds via the internet and vending machines.

The ministry’s decision was made after the Pheu Thai opposition party and its allies filed a petition with the Central Administrative Court according to the Bangkok Post. In it, they demanded the annulment of the ministry’s announcement stating that the cannabis plant is not a narcotic unless the concentration of the psychoactive substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) exceeds 0.2% of the total weight.


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