Tesla in active acquisition of Thai businesses


Tesla Inc is ramping up acquisitions in Thailand, Southeast Asia’s automotive hub, now that the American maker of electric vehicles (EVs) is looking for a business development and recruiters manager, according to its website.

The job announcements come at a time when demand for and interest in EVs in Thailand is led by concerns about high energy prices and with government incentives for consumers.

Nearly 20 jobs in Bangkok, including a home charging station developer, were announced on the company’s website, and the position of a “charging infrastructure lead” was posted on LinkedIn on Monday.

Other vacancies were for vehicle technicians, customer service and a parts consultant.

Tesla did not immediately rule on a request from Reuters for comment.

Thailand is not expected to have a production site for Tesla for the time being, although the government has boosted sales of EVs and it is specified that the company could set up official showrooms there.

Thailand is Asia’s fourth largest auto assembly and Export Center for companies such as Toyota Motor Corp and Honda Motor Co Ltd.

It produces about 1.5 million to 2 million vehicles annually, for which about half are exported.

Domestic demand for EVs is a crucial part of a strategy by the Thai government to maintain its status as a top regional automaker. The government aims to produce 725,000 EVs a year, or 30% of total vehicle production, by 2030.

Chinese car factories have started selling EVs in Thailand at what customers say are affordable prices. Great Wall Motors launched its ORA Good Cat model at the annual auto show for 828,500 baht ($22,600).

Great Wall Motors has said it plans to produce the model in Thailand in 2024.

The Chinese company Hozon Auto last month unveiled the NETA V for 549,000 baht ($15,000), which corresponds to prices for traditional vehicles.

Meanwhile, Indonesian president Joko Widodo urged Tesla in August to produce its cars and batteries in his country.


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