Terms of appearance of the recording cameras on the roads of Kiev


Названы сроки появления камер видеофиксации на дорогах КиеваInstallation of cameras will begin next month and primarily they appear on the most emergency sites of roads.

In the Kiev administration announced that next month will begin the installation of cameras and video-taking. And the pilot project will gain new momentum.

“A couple of days ago we met with the police and agreed that Kiev will launch a pilot project for photographic images of traffic violations. In a few weeks will determine exactly where they need to be put. But already decided that they will be installed approximately 364 locations — places of concentration of road accident”, — said the Director of the it Department, Kyiv city state administration Yuriy Nazarov.

The cameras will record in automatic mode not only speeding, but also to follow the rules of Parking, u-turns through the continuous axial compliance with rules of journey of intersections and traffic on the strip for public transport.

Названы сроки появления камер видеофиксации на дорогах Киева

Only the capital will be hanged 364 of camera, mainly in places of frequent accidents and large intersections. While the official list of the installation of the cameras there, only an approximation, developed in areas with difficult traffic and crash statistics for a particular area.

Note that fines issued in automatic mode is not yet legal.Because the penalty does not receive a person manages the machine, and the official owner. If the machine sold for a long time and by proxy, the owner will have to deal with this in court and to declare the car wanted to find the offending driver.


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