Ten anti-tips for those who want to play sports


Десять анти-советов для тех, кто хочет заняться спортомExperts have suggested some tips on sports can not be trusted.

Active lifestyle and regular sports training for the modern society become a kind of obligation, because we all want to be healthy and beautiful and young both externally and internally.

Many people spontaneously make the decision to start doing sports and the other long weighed all “for” and “against”, and then still go to the gym. But almost all of them make the same mistakes by listening to the advice of pseudo-experts.

Ten anti-tips for those who want to play sports:

1. Run anywhere. This is very bad advice for someone who decides to start running. It turns out that running on the pavement is not safe for the knees and spine, as well as a stop. Therefore, it is better to run either on the treadmill or on the ground.

2. Connect with other athletes. This advice will lead to the fact that you will be distracted, and your brain, and therefore the effectiveness of the training will come to naught.

3. After Jogging and from Breakfast to work. Don’t want to do that, at least, the experts suggest to postpone the meal for 40 to 60 minutes after a workout, regardless of time of day.

4. If Jogging in the morning, somewhere along the way, so you’ll run more. Perhaps this has some truth, but no one has repealed the exhaust from the cars that fit into your lungs during physical activity much faster, but it is very harmful for health.

5. Drink water if you want. In fact, the thirst and you could not visit, but the the body during exercise is necessary to supply fluid, otherwise dehydration sets in and you get tired quickly.

6. When all hands – on training. The experts advise to go to the gym if the mood and well-being leaves much to be desired, especially when last night you have not slept all day and felt an irresistible desire to lie down.

7. Listen to music while Jogging through the headphones, so you are not distracted. Wherever you are not exercising, this way of renunciation of the outside world is unacceptable. You may risk that you don’t know until you get out of your ears headphones. Plus, the prolonged listening of music in headphones can lead to hearing loss.

8. Train in any clothes, you do not mind. In fact, sports uniforms must perform several functions: ensuring comfort, the liquid release, heat storage, oxygen supply to the skin and so on.

9. Turn off the smell of sweat antiperspirante. Of course, if your body odor is so nasty that the people you bypass the party, at least need to shower more often. But antiperspirante and other flavors not only block the fetid scent of you during training, but also the release of toxins from your body.

10. If uncomfortable in the shoes – exercise in socks or barefoot. It is impossible to do categorically, because it increases the risk of injury is 99.9%.

Before you listen to the advice, consult with a true professional. Believe me, the main part of the existing information on sporting loads obtained by “word of mouth” is false and inaccurate.


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