Telegram is missing from the App Store


Telegram пропал из App StoreThe situation is associated with a “minor issue”, which should soon be fixed.

Client applications popular Telegram messenger for iPhone and iPad have suddenly disappeared from the App store.

The problem affected users of Apple technology all over the world.

About the disappearance of the Telegram first reported by users of the website Reddit, which suggested that it might be something to do with a major update Telegram, which was announced for Android devices. Apparently, deleting a Telegram from the App Store and the announcement of the update for Android took place simultaneously.

One Reddit user, however, claimed that he received a message from tech support Telegram, which said that deleting both apps from the App Store by mistake, and that they will appear in the near future. Some users believe that the Telegram developers were preparing to update the app by mistake and deleted them.

As explained in his Twitter the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, the situation associated with the “minor issue”, which should soon be fixed.

According to the February 1, 11-45 to Kiev, the apps never appeared in the corporate Apple store. When you search for the word Telegram iPhone users can only see the app “Telegram Media Player”.

Apparently, the removal of the Telegram is not connected with the requirement of the authorities of any country, because at the moment the application is not in App Store around the world.


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