Symptoms of kidney stones that cannot be ignored


This is a common problem.

Urolithiasis — urolithiasis is a disease characterized by the formation of calculi (stones) in the kidneys and/or urinary tract. This is one of the most common urological diseases, reports the with reference to

Symptoms of kidney stones

The pain can vary from mild, barely perceptible, intense, hard portable and require medical intervention. Usually, pain that intensifies, then subsides, but not completely goes away. Typically, the pulses of severe pain, known as renal colic last from 20 to 60 minutes. The pain may arise suddenly, after a long walk, shaking in transport, the use of large amounts of fluid after intense exercise. The pain for kidney stones can give in the direction of the bladder, to the penis and into the scrotum (in men), in the labia (in women), in the thigh, localized in the side (in the iliac and lateral areas) or in the lower abdomen.

Blood in the urine. In the majority of patients revealed blood in the urine (hematuria). Urine may be pink, reddish, but sometimes blood in the urine can be detected only through Express analysis or microscopy.

Sand in the urine. In the urine of patients can detect so-called sand or small stones.

Other symptoms. Nausea and vomiting, pain when urinating or sudden urge to see him, more frequent urination.


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