Students of Petrozavodsk rounded up to the rally in support of Russian athletes


Школьников Петрозаводска сгоняют на митинг в поддержку российских спортсменов

In Petrozavodsk schools are forced to participate in all-Russian action in support of dismissed from the Olympics for Russian athletes. About this TheQuestion announced the student of the 9th class of the secondary school of Petrozavodsk.

“We announced on Wednesday that on Saturday we’re going to support suspended from the Olympics for Russian athletes. The class teacher shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well, all who are studying on Saturdays we go to the meeting instead of classes, is the order of the Ministry of education.” It said only high school students from 9 to 11 classes, maybe even 8th grade. This happens not only in our school, it is everywhere. Homeroom teacher said that all who are studying on Saturdays in all schools of Petrozavodsk should be at this meeting. Earlier such was, but instead of lessons on Saturday staged classroom activities, to which we must come”, — said the student.

According to him, his friends, peers in General are indifferent to what is happening, but I understand that it is illegal.

“Teachers don’t put parents on alert. Your parents I told you. The father replied that it was illegal, and if I don’t want, you don’t have to go. But I will still go just to watch. If I stick up a flag of “United Russia”, then I’ll take it. But not raise. Will turn and pass back. I imagine that there is likely to be a regional group of RTR, Russia-1, which the whole thing will be removed, and then will show on the regional news with the words “students voluntarily came to the rally to Express support to our athletes.” Although really just children herded. Teachers themselves are likely opposed, but since this is an order from above, they are obliged to perform. Our teachers never spoke about it, but they understand the dubiousness of this order,” — said a senior.

“Specifically against the event itself I have nothing against it. We don’t know the whole truth about athletes. I think that doping is bad. I seem to be the truthful information that the state at the Federal level knew about the doping. Okay, if you support those Russian athletes who were suspended for anything — please come to the meeting voluntarily, without orders. If you’re against it or you simply do not care, then nobody has the right to force you to this. My peers think so too,” said the teenager.

“By the way, recently in a cool hour, when discussing the exams and graduation, we were told that on election day, March 18, at our school, which is a polling station, will host a parent meeting to discuss the exam. The parents will have to sign documents for the exam is the usual procedure. From the Ministry of education received information that on 18 March, the school is required to hold parent meetings on this day. I think this is done to increase turnout in elections,” added the student from Petrozavodsk.


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