Strange things perpetrated by doctors in the past. Photo


Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото	These methods – the present madness.

Nine recipes from the past that is worth remembering when you want to complain about modern medicine.

England: a swing of Coke

Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото

What but mockery was not struck in England on the heads of those whose heads were not all right. In the early nineteenth century, for example, swung on the swings. This method was invented by a doctor named Joseph Cox. A swing of Coke was a tilted chair, suspended from the ceiling. And all anything, if they hadn’t spun up to 100 rpm. The patient had to “sit” on them about two minutes (though the speed and time of rotation was regulated at the discretion of the physician). The goal was considered achieved if the poor man was peeing in his pants and it started to tear. Particularly violent patients after this procedure has not been able to recover, which was already announced a good result.

Finland: heroin

Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото

Sounds horrible, but the first third of the XX century in Finland was marked by legalized heroin. In the era of global economic crisis it was considered a good and cheap cure. Took him to the composition of cough mixtures and in the form of tablets. This tells the doctor of philosophy Mikko Ylikangas in his book published in 2009: “the Heroin recommended all. The dosage prescribed by the doctors, so that patients do not become dependent”. In 1949 the UN has calculated that annually in Finland used the same heroin as in Sweden, Britain or Italy for 25 years. Officially, the heroin has disappeared from the Finnish pharmacy in 1957.

Ancient Rome: the powder of the mummies

Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото

Tripolitania was a popular method of healing in medieval Europe. The doctors of those years believed that the body retains all the qualities of the deceased — on the strength and health to pain and tendency to blasphemy. Especially popular was the powder of mummies, which treated everything. At least “trendy” medical cannibalism was in Ancient Rome. However, it was treated mostly in muscle cramps. Roman physicians believed that using the potion containing the blood of fallen gladiators, can be cured epilepsy. On what earned the most enterprising merchants who sell dead bodies. Not averse doctors and the simple bodies, but in this case the mixture was not only of blood but of flesh and bones. This drug is supposedly supposed to relieve muscle spasms.

Africa: cesarean section

Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото

In the nineteenth century the caesarean section in the tribes of Central Africa looked as if she carried the Neanderthals. English physician and traveler Robert Felkin witnessed one of these “procedures”, what I wrote in one of his books. The woman was watering banana wine (they also washed the hands “of the surgeon”-men and his assistants, as well as the woman’s lower abdomen), and then put on a sloping Board. “Ob” was a loud cry that was caught gathered around the hut rodilla the crowd. Then the stomach of the unfortunate were originally cut from the pubic articulation almost to the navel. And while the surgeon was pulling out the baby, one of his assistants cauterized with a hot iron the bleeding places. Then the patient turned over on its side to pour the liquid from the abdominal cavity. Only after that the wound was “stitched” with the help of… seven thin studs and threads. Was quite a bit — thoroughly chew the roots (what — history is silent) and spit out the mixture in the pot, and then applied to the wound. The top “fix” all of the heated banana leaf.

Russia: skins rabbit

Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото

The staff of the Museum-reserve “Taimyr” explains how the North treated people the Dolgans inhabiting the Sakha Republic, even now. Festering sores for centuries to heal the same way — simply tie a rabbit pelt pile out to the sore spot for a day. Ulcer drink vodka infused with dried bear bile once a day until complete recovery. With liver disease even simpler: applied to the sore spot fresh liver of the animal, securing it with a bandage for a day.

China: fried bear paws and bear bile

Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото

Even 3000 years ago the people of China discovered the elixir of health — bear bile. It is used in folk Chinese medicine for almost all diseases: fever, gallstones, liver diseases and heart. 1 kg of dry bile powder (average bear produces up to 2 kg of concentrate per year) costs China more than $400. Great demand and bear claws — they can be fried, boiled or just hang at home as an amulet. It is believed that they help in neurasthenia, rheumatoid arthritis and irritability. Their price on the black market goes up to $1000 apiece. About humanity here, however.

Lithuania: all yellow

Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото

In the Museum of the history of medicine of the Lithuanian city Kaunas kept the ancient recipe treatment of jaundice by the local doctors. A decoction of the flowers of yellow hue — and the need to cook it in three stages and each take nine colors. For the same purpose there is another broth — from lice collected from the child’s head. They also took nine pieces of every three times. Tincture was called “Three nines”.

France: unicorn horn

Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото

In the Middle ages and even later, the poisoning was considered almost the main cause of all diseases, therefore, poisons were given special attention. Poisonous, however, was considered everything from gunpowder to dragons and mad dogs. And the most universal antidote unicorn horn. Moreover, it is not necessary even to take inside: if you pour a horn of poisoned drink, he immediately make it irrelevant. No wonder the middle Ages, especially in France, the scope of this “edinoroga” fever: the unicorn horn was valued more than gold! They say the last kings of the Valois dynasty (XVI century) did not drink from a bowl not a drop, not by placing it in front of this “miraculous” horn. The horns pounded or “accepted” pieces. But what was hiding under the guise of such values? As a rule, the teeth of the narwhal or Rhino horn.

USA: mercury

Странные вещи, совершаемые медиками в прошлом. Фото

Until the XX century in the United States as a panacea used mercury. Her drinking, her eating and her smeared — from syphilis to headaches. Even Abraham Lincoln during the time of severe depression on the pill called “Blue mass” containing mercury. He threw it literally lost activity only in 1861, when he noticed the pills make him excessively irritable.


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