Speakers Google cause Home problems with the Wi-Fi networks


Колонки Google Home вызывают проблемы с сетями Wi-FiThe source of the problem – in the wrong job technology Cast.

At the end of last week in the United States began to receive reports of problems with Wi-Fi networks which are based on routers TP-Link.

These networks can stop working if you use the Google gadgets Home and Chromecast.

The problem first appeared when using a router TP-Link Archer C7 and great speakers Google Home Max. Users have reported that the router was disconnected once Home Max was added to the network.

“My Google Home Max arrived today. The initial installation was successful, everything worked, but then my wifi dropped, and only restarting the modem and router were able to solve the issue. It happened a couple more times until I realized that the reason Max. Wi-Fi died and I had to restart,” wrote one user of the forum.

First, problems related to the model of the router TP-Link Archer C7. However, as it turned out, the problem arises not only from one model of TP-Link. All other devices of this manufacturer are also subject to failure if their network is Google Home Max. Moreover, the routers of other firms also suffer due to the operation of the device Google.

It turned out that the problem was in the wrong job technology Cast. It is assumed that the device needs to transmit data packets every 20 seconds. But Home Max and other devices in this series do it more often, which leads to reboot of device that distributes Wi-Fi.

Google representatives have stated that they are currently investigating the issue and expects to solve it in the near future.


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