Spanish “Barcelona” – the leader of European football in terms of wages


Catalan “Barcelona” is spent on the salaries of the players record amount among European clubs.

According to the European football Union (UEFA) Barcelona during the reporting fiscal year for the salaries of the players spent 372 million euros, 9% more than the figure for the previous year. Spending “Barcelona” on the salary of players in 5,2 times more than the average amount of the other clubs of the championship of Spain.

In England the record for the level of wages is “Manchester United” – 321 million euros, which is 2.1 times more than the average salary of other clubs in the local Premier League.

Among the English company of the giants, “Manchester United” in the top 10 most wasteful clubs are Chelsea, Manchester city, Liverpool and Arsenal.

In France, the level of wages expected was PSG (292 million euros), and in Germany with two-time breakaway leader “Bavaria” (270 million euros).

As for Italy, “Juventus” (221 million euros), ahead of Milan (161 million) and Roma (156 million).

In the top 20 only one club not competing in the elite division. Aston Villa of the championship is spent on salary of 125 million euros.


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