Sony decided to stay in the smartphone market


Last year there were rumors about the imminent cessation of the production of smartphones under the brand name of Sony company supposedly has not kept pace with competitors and losing profit. They never received confirmation or refutation, however, the recent release of new products with the outdated design of the case has reinforced suspicions.

However, today, the official comments was given. The management of Sony decided that to stay in the smartphone market to see which devices will come to replace them and become the leader in a new segment. With current mobile phones from Sony does not add up: the appropriate division incurs losses, and it is clear that consumers in the total mass of the gadgets of this brand are no longer interesting.

The reason is simple: Sony copies the business model of HTC puts on their new products overpriced, but also not pleased with the actual technologies – it is still no bezrabotnykh. This year nothing revolutionary for sure Sony will not offer a replacement smartphone if it comes, then very soon, so the current decision to continue to work on this kind of devices in a short time the management of the company may be revised.


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