Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7 may not show at MWC 2018


Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7, the appearance of which, according to the latest rumors, will take place at the MWC in 2018, it may not be available at this event. According to one of the senior employees of the company, in the course of this exhibition Xiaomi will show some of their new products, but loud presentation should not count.

Thus, the date of the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 7 again proved to be unknown – it may show tomorrow, but can in March or even in April, there’s no way of knowing. It is quite possible that Xiaomi may not be enough time to Refine its software or hardware, or she wants to skip ahead of main rival Samsung in the face with the purpose of correction of the price policy on the basis of the value of mobile phones S9 and S9+.

However, Xiaomi Mi 7 we’ll see in this half of the year, since already in the third quarter we are waiting for the mysterious OnePlus 6, after the announcement which the world’s attention will be riveted only to it. Note also that Xiaomi have already reserved the big pavilion at MWC, so innovations expected a lot. Recall that the Xiaomi Mi 7 – a smartphone with a Qualcomm 845, screen Quad HD+ 6 inches and 8 GB of RAM.


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