Smartphone Huawei P11 (P20) is still not going to show at MWC 2018


MWC 2018 this year will be without a number of high-profile Prime – its flagship it will not show any LG or Xiaomi, even more so HTC, and it is official. All hope was only on Samsung and Huawei, but the latter also decided to postpone the date of the screening of his new top-end R11.

Smartphone Huawei P11 (P20) will show the world already at the end of March, i.e. two months later, more precisely, 27.03.2018, and its presentation was held not in China. Emphasizing its desire to conquer the Old world and dissatisfaction with the ban of sales of its smartphones in the US, Huawei will hold a separate event in Paris, and it will show all versions of the model P11 or P20 with its name of the Chinese vendor is still not decided.

It is a true flagship in 2018, able to fight with new IPhones and the upcoming Samsung S9 and S9+. As for the Xiaomi Mi and OnePlus 7 6, the presentation of which is also in the offing, Huawei P11 (P20) im still not a competitor with similar features, this smartphone will surely cost significantly more in its top configuration. The main competitive advantage of the unit will be a triple main camera with 40-megapixel resolution.


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