Smart watch Huawei flaunt touch bezel


Huawei received a patent for a new wearable device smart wrist watch with enhanced functionality. No, they do not have an antenna for the TV, despite the Chinese origin, but there is a touch bezel feature that no one watches in the world.

In the description of the patent of Huawei said about the split bezel new smart watches into eight separate sectors touch which will be responsible for certain functions, plus the possible combination of them. For example, you can zoom in or zoom out the image, increase or decrease the volume, scroll through a menu or list of applications, and more, besides the declared sensitivity to the power taps.

New from Huawei does not yet have a name, price and its release date is also not called. However, some of its parameters are already known: a patented watch has received the housing made of steel, aluminum, plastic, and even ceramics depending on the selected version, and the strap is made from leather or rubber. It is likely that after the release of the gadget will be known as the Huawei Watch 3 – the first generation came out in 2015 and was a huge success, and the second revision saw the light a year later, but the popularity did not become. The third attempt by Huawei to capture the market of smart watches may well be successful.


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