Siberian taiga goes to China for pennies


Сибирская тайга уходит в Китай за копейки

Rent Chinese only 1 with a small billion rubles given to 2 million hectares of forest in the Tomsk region

The story of the sale of Russian forests continues.. Recently “Russian monitor” reported that the Chinese have leased huge areas of forest land in Tungiro-Olyokminsky district of the Transbaikal region, and that the new facts: according to the information portal “Novo TOMSK” at the end of last year, more than 2 million hectares of forest in the Tomsk region for nearly half a century decided to lease to Chinese investors. The cost of renting the company “international investment company Jingye” amounted to 1.26 billion rubles.

Journalists of the Agency “”, after analyzing data from the procurement website, concluded that to divert attention of media representatives alleged the facility lease before the auction was divided into several lots. Less plot – less hype.




Experts believe that the amount of 1.26 billion raised by the administration of the Tomsk region, just seems huge, in fact the money for the dense forest with valuable species of wood, from which soon there will be one kick – just a penny!

According to the source, given the Chinese forest in the North – land, with pines, spruce, cedars. The density of these trees 1-5 thousand per hectare. By simple mathematical computations it is easy to determine that the 140 thousand hectares referred to is not less than 200 million trees. Translate them into the container and get 200 million cubic meters of the so-called “business” i.e. the most expensive wood, which cost, according to “Russian agriculture”, is 200-300 billion. It turns out that the most valuable species of wood, the officials give the Chinese only 0.5 percent of the actual cost! This kind of economic relationship is made of Russia not even a raw materials appendage, but something much more insignificant. The government commits a heinous crime in front of several generations of Russians, selling the trees of 5-6 rubles apiece!

The authors found that the largest tenant of the forest in the Tomsk region is a kind of CJSC “Roskitinvest” from China, which has already leased more than a half million hectares of forest land Tegul, verkhneketsky and Kargasok areas. Paying a rental fee in one payment, investors from China actually get right to the deforestation of huge areas of forest for everlasting tenths of a percent from the true price. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that in most cases rent the most remote and inaccessible areas where no one will control the cutting area. Rented hectares were cut down to two, similar precedents were, and repeatedly.

The media also reported that documentation of CJSC “Roskitinvest”, from 2008 to 2022 in the Tomsk region must be created ten large timber processing enterprises – sawmills, factories producing wood products, furniture factories, etc. in the amount of 30 billion rubles to date, However, built only two out of ten planned. One of them produces veneer and the second beams and edged boards. The fact that the Chinese were not planning to build anything, they are only interested in timber, the so-called “business” wood, which they take out when leaving is impenetrable forests bare field.


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