Shooting on passers-by in Italy: a criminal committed suicide


Стрельба по прохожим в Италии: преступник покончил с собойAccording to some reports, the man killed his wife and injured several people.

The man who last night began to shoot passers-by from the balcony of his house in the Italian city of Bellona, in the southern region of Campania and wounded five, killed himself. About it writes the local edition ANSA.

Being able to affect the attacker, according to witnesses, screamed that “killed his wife”, and from time to time the shot from a gun on passers-by. Man barricaded in the home and negotiated with the security forces. In the end, when the negotiations came to naught, the special forces stormed the apartment and found the attacker with a fatal wound.

One of the injured carabinieri. According to law enforcement, threat of life no injuries and damage was not heavy.

Local media reports that the suicide bomber was a local resident of the 48 – year-old David Mango. His 14-year-old daughter was able to run away from home.

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Died whether in fact the wife of the attacker, not yet officially reported.

Стрельба по прохожим в Италии: преступник покончил с собой


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