Shakhtar have established a record of UPL


Defenders of the team down.

Donetsk “Shakhtar” celebrated an early title in the Premier League, as well as the Pitmen turned out to be a team that is less out a ball from own grid. But this figure was still the worst in the history of the Premier League teams who became Champions, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Shakhtar have conceded just 26 goals. Defense of Donetsk already for the 11th time in history became the best, but such a small number of goals did not save the team from Castro record.

The record Champions

This is the worst result in the history of the Premier League. Ever team is the champion not missed so many goals in a single season.

Champion on two goals ahead of former a-record.

The second result in this category showed the team Skrypnyk Zarya – 29 (average of 0.91, a personal best), conceded the least among teams in the top six in the second stage, only 11 goals.

Third – Chernihiv “Desna”, she has 33 goals. A principled rival of “Dynamo” became the fourth. Their goalkeepers 35 times removed the ball from his own possessions.

We would add that the Kiev 2 goals exceeded personal record set in 2013/14 and repeated three years later. Teams that conceded the most steel – “lions” (57) and Kolos (59).

We emphasize that Shakhtar is unequalled in the number of dry matches in their asset goalkeepers of Shakhtar as many as 15.

August 5, Shakhtar will play in the 1/16 of the Europa League against German “Wolfsburg”.


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