Scientists: over the next 25 years the world will suffer from massive flooding


Ученые: в течение последующих 25 лет мир будет страдать от масштабных наводненийScientists from the Potsdam Institute came to a disappointing conclusion after analyzing anthropogenic impact on nature.

So, over the next 25 years the number of floods will increase because of melting glaciers. Most will suffer such States and territories as the United States, Asia and Central Europe.

Year after year, Global sea level increases, which is already leading to disastrous consequences. This is due, as a rule, with increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases, which cause the increase in average temperature around the world.

Especially to prepare for natural disasters we need Central Europe (Germany, Sweden, Poland), Western and North-Eastern regions of Africa, the US, Indonesia and India.

Modelling on the computer of the ecological situation, scientists have named the approximate number of people who will suffer from the elements more than 200 million people by 2040.


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