Scientists have uncovered the mystery of Hitler


Ученые раскрыли главную тайну ГитлераIt became known how he came to power.

Experts have found out how Adolf Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor in 1933 in Germany. By the beginning of his reign, the leader of the Nazi party had no career in politics, neither German citizenship nor education.

At the end of January 1933 in Germany, there was a change of Chancellor – came to power, the leader of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler. Experts have found, what conditions contributed to the establishment of the power of the nationalists of Germany.

Instability in the Weimar Republic, established on the territory of modern Germany after the defeat in the First world war contributed to the rise in both right and left-wing political movements. Among them were Hitler created the National socialist workers ‘ party. However, after a failed political coup in 1923, the party gained less than 3% of the vote in 1924 and 2.3% in 1928.

The impoverishment of the Germans because of the economic crisis during the great depression and contributed to the growing popularity of the radical party headed by Hitler in the 1930, received 18.3% of votes in the election of the Nazi party. At the election of represident in 1932, Hitler takes the second place in the first round with 30% of votes and the second with 37%, thus having a place in government.

January 28, 1933, the leader of the Nazi party appointed by the German Chancellor.


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