Scientists have turned the serum of tofu in wine


Ученые превратили сыворотку тофу в виноThe strength of wine from the whey of tofu is 7-8 degrees.

Fans of unusual alcoholic beverages will soon be able to enjoy wine made from tofu whey – the liquid produced during the manufacture of the so-called soybean curd.

Scientists from the National University of Singapore have found a way to make the serum, which often is thrown in alcoholic beverage, rich in isoflavones and antioxidants present in soybeans. To save the whey from tofu of strong odor, specialists took three months. For this, the researchers have changed its composition during a two-week fermentation process, turning the whey into yellowish liquid resembling a light wine with floral and fruity taste. The drink is called “Sachi”, which translated from Japanese means “blooming wisdom.” The strength of wine from the whey of tofu is 7-8 degrees.

Though Sachi and contains alcohol, it is reported that the wine may have a beneficial effect on the body – large amounts of calcium, prebiotics and other compounds to improve cardiovascular function and reduce the risk of cancer. The shelf life of this wine is only 4 months, but at the moment scientists are working to double the shelf life without the use of traditional preservatives, such as sulphur dioxide.


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