Scientists have revealed sensational evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life


Ученые показали сенсационные доказательства существования внеземной жизни A strange phenomenon has questioned previous studies.

Scientists, who have long been engaged in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations, found proof of the existence of life on the moon. Published by the space Agency NASA pictures one can clearly see the trail stretching out behind a rock. In this regard, the experts put forward several hypotheses about the nature of this phenomenon.

So, they said that it could be meteors, moving by inertia. However, this assumption was disproved for a number of reasons, in particular, we are talking about the fact that some of these stones moved up long distances.

The team also noted that similar objects were seen on Mars and they are not only self-moved, but was changed several times.

It is worth saying that this fact has allowed scientists to conclude that the shifting stones are a particular form of life. However, the peculiarities of their activity has not been studied.

Recall that three years ago on the surface of the moon were found fragments of the skeleton of the animal, the length of which was 130 meters. The remains were similar to the dinosaur skeletons found on our planet during the excavations.

Based on this, the experts put forward the hypothesis that the Moon and the Earth were inhabited, however, after some catastrophe, life resumed only on our planet.


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