Scientists have named the cause of the invasion of poisonous jellyfish in the sea of Azov


Ученые назвали причину нашествия ядовитых медуз в Азовском мореContact with jellyfish-cornertime is fraught with burns.

The reason for the increase in the number of jellyfish-cornerto in the sea of Azov is the excess of the salt level and water temperature, a large amount of food, and lack of competition from plastikatnyh fish.

In mid-summer, the researchers noticed an increased number of jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo in the sea of Azov that can be linked with regularly increasing salinity of the reservoir. In June, the number of jellyfish in the sea was 100 copies on one “square” the largest number: 1040 jellyfish per square meter can be seen in the South-West of the sea of Azov.

Discovered species is usually found in the Black sea, to the neighboring region he came from rising salt levels, water temperature and abundance of provisions. The first time flash the number of jellyfish recorded in 1976, when the salinity was 13 ppm, then the scientists have observed cold-water Aurelia. In the 80s the percentage of their population has decreased due to a reduction of salinity, and in the 90s in the Azov sea jellyfish.


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